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About us

It’s actually all about you!

In a fast and exciting ecosystem where there are too many stars to name and count, we look above the horizon but are down to earth.

Magneu is a fast-growing global challenger in the iGaming industry with a goal to continue reaching for greater heights and take with us as many people as possible. Is it exciting? You bet!

What we do

We create movement, moments, and matter!

Magneu is an iGaming affiliate business operating several affiliate sites.
Our products are the result of a passionate commitment and ambition to become number 1 in the industry.

While we place the basics on solid ground, we work hard to deliver innovations and challenge the industry. We are an independent and open-minded team of industry superstars, with a mission to connect People and Businesses. Partnering with the top global casino operators, we are focused on delivering sustainable growth and profitability to our partners.

Products. Made to engage.

We are creating world-class products that audiences love interacting with. Our iGaming products attract interest and inspire conversions both from organic and paid channels.

Magneu team

Behind each face there is an infinite being.

We are here to make your vision count. Our team consists of people who have a knack for business and communication, visualizations, and words. Get in touch and we’ll synergize our skills to meet your needs.

Meet the Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an iGaming affiliate business?

iGaming affiliate business is a digital marketing company that generates sales for online casino & sports betting operators on commission-based payment models.

What are the commission-based payment models?

CPA – cost per acquisition, Revenue Share – percentage from the Net Revenue generated, Hybrid – a combination of CPA & Revenue Share. Additionally, tenancy deals, fixed position prices, monthly listing fees, and integration fees might apply.

Compliance in the iGaming industry

Depending on the jurisdiction and the GEOs targeted, different rules depending on the law might apply. In Magneu, we follow compliance as a key priority.

We can help you shine like a star!

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